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May. 11th, 2015

(no subject)

Okay, finally hit culinarian 50. I can farm ingredients and create my own food which is always cool.
I am now focused on leveling my Dragoon.
Currently at level 35. Need to hit 50 asap and also I have to focus on advancing my main quests.

Primary objective: Job to level 50.

May. 6th, 2015

(no subject)

So...I'm back online!! It's FFXIV now...Excalibur server which has lots of Ragnarok FFXI players!! Would like to thank everyone that has helped me so far on this new adventure, specially Unc, Mahri, Shevi, Ninten & Komali. Expect more updates soon (with +100% screenshots) 📷

Jul. 30th, 2010

(no subject)

Back yesterday for a little while. Felt tired so I just helped Kirk. He needs WS's on Birds, so we did Marsh Murres on Caedarva Mire.
All I was doing was refreshing myself and curing him with Magic Fruit / Plenilune Embrace.

This is the first time ever for me I am only curing someone. O_o!
I felt...different LOL.

Before that I spent a merit on Physical Potency. I am almost done with this one, after that I need to think what to merit.

BLU specific as I am almost done with generic ones. 8/8 HP, STR+5, crit. hit rate, etc...

Diffusion comes to mind but I want to think it carefully first...Need to evaluate alternatives, Diffusion is good when you in a pt of course but I don't happen to pt much these days so maybe Diffusion is not that good for me.


Jul. 26th, 2010

Weekend Update

Awesome weekend. First of all, thanks to Boomslang and Horizon. They helped me get {Asuran Claws} a long desired spell.
I am only missing ONE Pokemon. {Blazing Bound} from Abyssea-La Theine. Duoable, so I just need to team up with someone.

Then I joined some Abyssea Alliance and made lots of merits. I finally capped my BLU magic. 8/8. This merits are completed since I have 8/8 Dark Magic as well.
I will focus now on completing Physical Potency and then BLU Group 2. I also capped BLU magic skill. I think it’s 317. 332 skill with BLU AF1 Body. Too bad I don’t have AF2 Head which adds +5.

Purchased both Tahrongi and La Theine Abyssea maps and got me Aurore Feet (DEX+5) for my {Savage Blade} + {Disseverment} = {Distortion} macro gear.

I’d like to say that Abyssea has added what the game was missing: XP camps for high level players. Before update people had three camps at Greater Colibris, maybe two more killing Mamools and another one inside Mamook although few ppl liked it. Bibiki Bay? Dead.

Merit pt’s were picky. SMN? No thanks…Now every “Merit” pt consists of 18 people instead of 6, you go into huge areas like La Theine Plateau. Really…pt’s are not picky anymore. Any job serves and there’s no problem at all finding camps.

Shamshir is also completed.
Magic Accuracy+12 MP+45. I am sitting on 786 MP without any MP merit as I have 8/8 HP.
Using Loquacious and Hedgehog Bomb but not removing my Toreador’s for a Serket Ring.

I have removed old screenshots from my FFXIAH profile and added three new on my BLU. I still keep the fishing shots. If you read this, please add a nice comment to them, I like it \o/

IRL, finally playing Dragon Quest IX and we all expecting Emma to come this week. As from today, relatives are coming to stay at home, so my playtime from now on will be very limited, most likely until September when we will come back to routine (with the baby, but routine) and will try to find some time to play. Even one hour a day Monday-Friday I am hoping. No, it’s not going to be the same, but this is how it is.

Alby /

Jul. 19th, 2010


Awesome long weekend for me.

Finished my multi-hit weapon on Friday after 450 Wamouras…Khanda is pretty awesome, 2-3 times rock, now combine that with full Aurore Set (Store TP+8) Machaera version Store TP+9 and Store TP BLU Job Trait and tell me how does it look…

Made some Gil with Squid Sushi (did not HQ…) and joint an Abyssea run. All I can say is Abyssea is uber-boring.

I am now capped xp again. 1 xp TNL (81)
All xp gained from now on goes to Merits !!

Capped {sword} as well while in Abyssea. Cap is @ 294.
If I want Sanguine Blade (300 skill) I need 6 more levels of skill which I can only get by merits…Not a priority right now tbh…

Also yesterday Unc helped killing some Evil Weapons for my last Soulsaber Trial. 150x on Darksday… We made 1/3 of it.
Final version has MP+45 Macc+12.

Jul. 15th, 2010

Deep Halvung {fun}

Not much yesterday, helped a bit Aziel on his Rafflesia Trial and then Kirk and myself tried deep Halvung for cheaper Wamouras.
Took a while until we found camp but when we arrived and tried one or two, they are indeed not as hard as Mount Zhayolm ones.

Still they con Decent Challenge with High Defense.
I am now @ 90 Wamouras to get my Khanda (Occ. Attks 2-3 times)

I logged there so today when I log, I will be alone unless I am lucky and someone else wanders around.
May try to solo one.

Ni, Diamondhide, Haste, Refresh, Attack Food and Head Butt Spam.
99% I will die but who cares LOL

Side Note: Why do I keep thinking about the good money that can be made off Synergy…………Too bad I am broke and no time to make Gil.



Jul. 14th, 2010


/poke Boomslang

No, I won't quit. Reduced playtime maybe but that is all.
On a side note, hit BLU 80. Did I mention it here already?
10k onto the level already.

@105 wamouras to finish the Trial. Sheez...

Helped Goldy yesterday for his trial killing some Peistes. {fun}

Logged in Nashmau as I want to try my another Trial of Magians in the Mire (end one for Soulsaber) MP+45 Macc+12 Need Darksday or Dark weather.

Also @2 BLU spells to have them ALL. ò.ó

Asuran Claws (I will never get this one)
Blazing Bound (Abyssea)



PS: Hi Unc, someday I will upload screenshots. I have tons ^^

Jul. 12th, 2010


It's been a great adventure.

Jul. 9th, 2010

Closing up the gap

Duoed Imps in the Mire yesterday as we couldn't find help for the Wamouras.

I am @9k to level 80 and got an empress band to use.



Jul. 8th, 2010


Thanks SE for another nine hour maintenance on EU prime-time as usual.

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